Oh the Amazing Food of Milan!

Milan is the third city I’ve visited in Italy. Previously, I’ve been to Rome and Vatican City in 2014 and then Venice in 2017. No matter what part of Italy I am in, I found that the food is for the most part similar– at least for my very, unrefined American palate.

The best thing about visiting a country that celebrates spaghetti and pizza is that, not only is there a lot to see, but the food is delicious, guaranteed to satisfy any picky child-eater.


Pasta is the way of life in Milan and a trip to Italy is not complete without delicious consumption of pasta. So temporarily put away your diet plans and dig in!

We had pasta at almost every meal, and so we tried to try a little bit of every thing.

Note: pasta in Milan (Italy in general) are cooked extra al dente.

Spaghetti with Bolognese Sauce
Penn pasta
Pappardelle with Mushrooms


No pizza sauce??
Americanized pizza….YUM!

Other Entrees

Veal Milanese
Scallops wrapped with bacon
Osso Buco


Boston Creme minus the chocolate

Eating in Milan

Our trip was short so I wasn’t able to do a deeper dive into the cuisines of Milan or even come close to analyzing different restaurants within the big city. Below are some quick tips that I wasn’t expecting going into the experience, that I think others would benefit knowing.

Tip #1: Order vegetable sides if you want a balanced meal.

In the U.S. when one orders a meal, it would come with an entree, plus two sides. That is very unlikely when you are in Italy. If you order, pasta expect just the noodles. If you order salmon, expect just the steak. Everything extra costs extra. But, after a few days of eating just carbs, it is almost imperative to order some side dishes of vegetables, just so one can remain healthy and balanced.

Tip #2: Expect Pay a Cover Charge

Every meal where you are seated at a table, you will likely be charged a per-person cover charge, and that includes your child. It’s approximately 4-5 euros per person. Seems innocent enough, but depends the number in your party, it can add up quickly.

Many people think of the cover charges as the tip they now no longer need to pay, but depending on the meal and the number of people in your party, sometimes the cover charges can be more than 20% of your entire bill.

Tip #3: House Wines are Delicious

Milanese wine is delicious — house wines nevertheless wonderful. Unless you are a wine connoisseur and can tell the differences between different vintage, just opt for the house wine wherever you go, you won’t regret it!

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