The Ultimate Family Feast: Unbeatable Kid-Friendly Mexican Menu at Bartaco

Mexican restaurants are famous for their mouthwatering flavors, spicy kick, and festive atmosphere. But what if there’s a place that not only satisfies your taco cravings but also keeps the little ones happy?

Introducing Bartaco Mosaic, just a hop, skip, and a jump from DC. They serve up drool-worthy tacos and thirst-quenching cocktails that’ll make you say “más, por favor!” Best of all, it’s considered one of the most kid-friendly spots in the DMV area.

So what’s Bartaco’s secret sauce? Let’s taco ’bout it!

Amenities: Room for the Whole Fam-olé! Bartaco has space for families big and small. Choose between indoor and outdoor dining, or try the “semi-outdoor” option for the best of both worlds. Plus, people and vehicle watching is a hoot for the little ones!

Special attention is given to young patrons, with plenty of high chairs, booster seats, and changing tables. And if you’re not ready for a full-on fiesta, they offer curbside pickup and delivery too.

Food Options: Delicioso for All Ages Bartaco scores big on food options that cater to everyone’s taste buds. The kids’ menu is a delightful mix of fun, flavor, and nutrition.

Children can munch on mini guacamole and chips, followed by a choice of tacos, quesadillas, or roasted chicken. Sides include cucumber slices, steamed broccoli, corn chunks, and fruit skewers. All that for a wallet-friendly $6.50!

To wash it down, Bartaco offers non-alcoholic “kid’s drinks” like grapefruit ginger Aqua Fresca and pomegranate limonada, alongside soft drinks and iced tea.

Entertainment: Coloring Books Galore While Bartaco doesn’t have a specific theme, it does offer full-size coloring books to keep kids engaged. But be warned: this might backfire if your child isn’t into coloring or has a penchant for putting things in their mouth.

Service: Staff That’ll Make You Salsa Dance Bartaco’s crew takes customer service to the next level, treating kids as individuals and accommodating the whole family. They’ll chat with the little ones about their orders and help you navigate the taco terrain.

Ambience: Casual, Cool, and Unforgettacole With a laid-back atmosphere, Bartaco allows families to let loose and enjoy each other’s company. The handcrafted cocktails ensure adults have a blast too!

Bartaco Mosaic is located in the Mosaic District, a trendy urban community 8 miles from downtown DC. Free parking is available, and the area is accessible by Metro.

In conclusion, Bartaco Mosaic is a kid-friendly winner in the capital area. It scores top marks in food and service, and a near-perfect score in amenities and ambience. Although it lacks themed entertainment, the overall experience is so delightful that it’ll make you say “Bartac-oh yeah!”

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